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About our Mini Bernedoodles

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

*Kid Friendly

*Make Great Service Dogs

*Love to be outside, rain or sunshine

*Come in a variety of colors.

*They want to be everyones friend.

Bernedoodles are quite popular now days but it can get so confusing on what all the different sizes and F1, F1b &F2 means. So here is a little about them and all those meanings and what to expect to see with our pups.

F1 Mini Bernedoodles. F1's are a mix of 2 pure breeds. Mom is a Bernese Mountain Dog and dad is a small miniature Poodle. So the pups are a mix of 50/50.

Their expected weight can be 35-55#'s. Why the wide range? Because when mixing breed and difference in sizes this is quite common.

The F1's coats are are nice and wavy. You will notice in the younger pups here that we don't see that yet. We can expect to see the nice wave at 7-8 weeks of age.

Hypoallergenic? No we cannot classify them as that because they may still shed a little. (mostly when being brushed out) However we have had customers in the past with only a slight allergy problem and it was not an issue. The best thing to do is meet them in person because most allergies start affecting you in 5 minutes or less.

Price is $3,500 (if you see the price reduced on our page it's because of age unless otherwise stated.)

F1b's. Known as Extra Small Mini Bernedoodles and also known as Toy Bernedoodles. F1b's are a mix of mom Mini Bernedoodle and dad is a Toy poodle. So pups are 75% poodle.

Their expected weight is usually 15-25 lbs. Yet most of the time we see them get less then 20lbs.

The three pictured above are a great variety of what we see. Patches has more of a Bernese look as for her build that she has, but is more a party color, which comes from her dads genes. The middle one is Prince . Prince has the Bernese colors but looks and acts more poodle. Paige is really tiny like a toy poodle but has more of a Bernese look. We are only expecting her to weigh 12-15lbs.

With F1b's you will see a much tighter curl. Yes these are also born with short & straight hair. We start to see the change at 6-8 weeks of age.

Hypoallergenic- Yes. Because of the tight curl of their hair.

Price is usually $4,500 (if you see the price reduced on our page it's because of age unless otherwise stated.)

F2. Both Parents are Mini Bernedoodles. This is Kane he is the last one of his family still looking for a home. He was born in August of 2021.

With F2 you see a big variety of colors and size. However he won't be more than 50lbs.

You will see some straight hair and some with the wavy hair.

Price for these are $2500 (if you see the price reduced on our page it's because of age unless otherwise stated.)

Either way they are all great dogs. They are great with children and easy to train. They are gentle with children as well.

We welcome you to come and pick them out in person or check out our their page for more information. If at any time you have a question please contact us.

- A Puppy Mom

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