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Updated: Jun 23

Meet our Family!

Randall & I (Laura) both grew up in the country. Randall grew up in Ohio just west of Columbus and I grew up here in Illinois about 1 mile from what is Aikman Wildlife. (previously known as Rockome Gardens). For the first few years of our marriage we lived in a little town called Mechanicsburg, OH.

Our first pet was a Lab, but unfortunately someone else took her. Soon after Randall convinced me it's time for another dog. So we got our very own Toy Poodle and I named him Tequila. (Yes, we got some strange looks =). He was my first house training experience and I was totally clueless on what to do. You Tube was my best friend at that time and has a lot of great tips. If I can train a puppy then I am sure you can!

Both of our Boys, Alec (9) and Anson (7) (pronounced ON-SON) were born when we lived in Ohio.

In the Winter of 2014 we moved to East Central Illinois in the area where I was born and raised. Randall had a welding job and I was busy at home with 2 little boys. In the summer of 2016 Alexus joined our family and changed our lives for the better.

You may be wondering just how we got started with what we do now?

Randall had a welding job and in 2017 one of his co-workers asked him if he could help him find new homes for his pups. We said yes and started by advertising them on different sites. Well, we live in a BIG Community and everyone talks. Soon by word of mouth we almost had more than what we could handle. We had to start saying no to some people and also came up with terms and conditions. If the breeder does not comply and/or is not willing to follow the requirements, we will not advertise for them.

In 2019 we had our own website built and Randall left his day job so that he would be able to spend his time with the screening of our breeders and Adult Dogs and focus on our business.

When breeding it is very important to know and understand the health of your dogs first. Dogs are not just an animal they are our companions. The adults need to see their vet on Schedule just like anyone else's dog. Each pup will also be seen by a licensed Veterinarian before going to its new home.

Each family that we advertise for is either a family member or someone we personally know.

We personally have Poodles, Cavaliers and Havanese.

Randall is the one that does all the photos and meets each pup before it goes on our website.

Our goal is to have healthy and happy puppies for you.

We don't live in a perfect world and mistakes happen. We don't want that to be an excuse, but we want to strive to become better.

Be sure to stop and say hi and introduce yourself!

A Puppy Mom

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