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Welcome to Prairieview Puppies. We are a family of 11 and that's not including our pets. We love raising strong healthy puppies to go to good loving homes. Our family has been raising puppies for over 16 years and specifically the Bernes Mountian Dog that last five. We really enjoy dogs that are strong companions and love adults and children. 


We work closely with Graham Veterinary Clinic in our local town. We have them perform all our routine vet check-ups and health certifications. We do our best to provide our pets the best care possible so you can be sure you are bringing home a happy healthy puppy.


We would love for you to come to visit our home and meet the puppies. To schedule a visit please contact Randal and he would be happy to do that.

Wishing you many blessings

The Miller Family


Adult Dogs


Male: Bernese Mountian Dog

Rocky is the most handsome male. He loves to play outside on a beautiful sunny day with his companions. He sires the most beautiful puppies. Rocky has the sweetest Character. He is very alert and good-natured.  

  • DOB: 11/26/2017

  • AKC Registered


Female: Bernese Mountian Dog

Kelly is a solidly built very active and friendly dog. She loves to shake a paw and take scratches behind the ear. She always comes running and sits right in front of us on our way to work in the morning. She is a wonderful mother and loves her pups. 


  • DOB: 07/09/2016

  • AKC Registered

Prefered Pet Brands


The more you know about your dog's health and nutrition needs, the better you'll be able to take care of them. Our work is based on a vast and growing scientific understanding of pet health and nutrition. 

Small Breed - Puppy Formula

Small Breed - Adult Formula

PLEASE DO NOT OVER FEED YOUR DOG! Follow manufacture directions. Over feeding dogs is the greatest cause of cancer and joint problems in dogs. Keep them physically fit with top quality food in the correct quantity and plenty of exercise. Other than an occasional treat of scrambled eggs, some cheeses including cottage cheese we highly discourage human food given to dogs. Dog feed with corn, soy, or wheat products is also discouraged and not recommended. Cooked beef bones from your local butcher can be a healthy treat also. No chicken or turkey bones recommended!

Our Puppies Are Family

Your new puppy is going to become your best friend, close companion, or just like a member of the family. That is why we treat them the same way you are going to treat them. We love to spoil our puppies with love to ensure they will have an easy transition to living in their new forever homes. All our family breeders have made a pledged to adhere to strict socialization practices and many have young children that enjoy playing with the puppies as well. Please feel free to read through our testimonials and reviews to see what others have to say or contact us with any question you may have or to schedule a visit.   

We Care About Our Customers

Our goal as a community of small family dog breeders is to go above and beyond in ensuring that our dogs are treated like family and to be as transparent as possible with our customers. We feel that it is very important when searching for the right puppy that you can see its parents and where the puppy is being raised at. We provide as much information and detail on our website about our dogs, breeders, pedigrees, health testing and so much more because the quality and health of our dogs is our top priority. There are no questions we won't answer and we invite all of our customers to meet and view where their puppy is born and raised. We feel this is so important because we want customers to know that their puppy is being raised with love and is being socialized so that when it transitions to its new home its stress level is nonexistent. When you leave with one of our puppies you are considered family and at any time you may call us with updates or any questions. Thanks and we hope to provide you with the best new companion in the world. - Randall - 

Health & Nutrition


We keep our puppies happy and healthy by feeding them the finest quality feed and supplements designed for life long health and wellness. View our trusted pet brands.

*We guarantee a clean bill of health for all our puppies. 

We provide transportation for our puppies and have had one 100% success with puppies traveling all over North America. We personally handle all travel details to guarantee the puppy is provided safety and the utmost respect. Transportation costs are usually around $450.00 above the cost of the puppy. Arrangements can be made by contacting us.


Randall Mast

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Simple Home Care

Protect your pet from harsh chemicals. It’s time to say goodbye to artificial ingredients and celebrate nature. From conception to production, our products are inspired by what nature has to offer us: water, clay, essential oils, and plants. Discover powerful ingredients without the use of harsh chemicals.

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