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Thank you again for choosing one of our puppies! 

Referral code for NuVet.  45031

If you prefer to Pay Online for the remaining balance due for your new puppy, please use the Pay Online button below. Payments can also be made when you come to pick up your new puppy. The ONLY payment options are: Cash, Certified Checks, Credit/Debit Card. There is a 7.25% sales tax to add.  A 3% is added to the total when using a Credit/Debit Card. A small convenience fee will be added by the processor for card payments. 100% of fee goes to the processor."OUR BUSINESS MAKES NOTHING OFF THE FEE! THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING"! Use the Place Reservation button provided on the puppy page of your choice to make a reservation and deposit payment to guarantee your puppy will be yours. All prices already discounted for cash payment. 

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