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 F1B Mini Goldendoodles Illinois

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F1 Mini Goldendoodle

 F1 Mini Goldendoodles Illinois


$ 1,250



Reserve now to make sure you get your little goldendoodle and then contact us or schedule a paw visit to pick out your new family member today!

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Why a Goldendoodle?

The Goldendoodle has proven to be an excellent family dog. They're also versatile working dogs. Goldendoodles have achieved success as guide dogs, service dogs, therapy dogs, and sniffer dogs (one study tested their success at sniffing out peanuts in foods for owners with nut allergies). Goldendoodles have also done well in agility. The Goldendoodle is an affectionate and gentle dog that has gained popularity since he was first developed in 1990s. He's still a young cross compared to other designer breeds, and many of today's litters are the results of first-generation breedings between Poodles and Golden Retrievers. Goldendoodles are usually highly social and get along well with everyone.  They can thrive in both city and country settings, but they're not well suited to apartment living since they do better with the space provided by a fenced yard. Goldendoodles can be very easy to train and are a good match for first-time owners. They're not known to have any aggressive traits, but they do need proper socialization to avoid any shyness or fearfulness. Goldendoodles are considered to be non - to light shedders and may be a good match for people with allergies. They do require weekly or biweekly brushing, and many owners opt to have them clipped. Although Goldendoodles are a young designer breed, that hasn't stopped people from understanding their worth. They have become popular quickly, and their star is still rising. They make excellent family dogs and provide gentle, intelligent companionship throughout their lifetimes.

A Mini Goldendoodle is a mixed breed with a poodle and a mini golden retriever.

This designer dog became popular for being hypoallergenic and no to low shedding. Although, it's important to note that no dog breed can be 100% hypoallergenic and non-shedding, however, Mini Goldendoodles shed much less than a Golden Retriever would!

F1 Mini Goldendoodle


An F1 Mini Goldendoodle is when a golden retriever is bred with a poodle. F1 Mini Goldendoodles are half Golden Retriever and half Mini Poodle.

F1b Mini Goldendoodle


F1b Mini Goldendoodles are when a Mini Goldendoodle is bred with a Mini Poodle. The F1b mini Goldendoodle is 75% Miniature Poodle and is less likely to shed than. Those with severe allergies can benefit from the F1b mini Goldendoodle.

We have partnered with multiple family breeders of Mini Goldendoodle puppies in the Illinois area who are using their passion for family and pets to support their families and help make ends meet.

*For your convenience we do our best keep our website as current and accurate as possible. After a puppy is reserved its is our goal to make the update within minutes with few exceptions outside holidays and unforeseen events. You can be confident the available puppies and their pictures shown are accurate and up to date.   

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