F1 Cavapoo Puppies

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We have 5 females and 1 male F1 Cavapoos available.

Mom weighs 13's and Dad weighs 8 lbs.Pups are expected to be 8-13lbs as adults.  Born 5/19/22

Cost is 3,000.  Reservation fee is $200 and non refundable. 

Female 1:  Diana

Female 2:

Female 3:

Female 4:

Female 5:

Male 1:

F1B Cavapoo Puppies

Currently we do not have any F1B Cavapoos available.

Below are examples of our Cavapoo puppies.  We breed F1 and F1b cavapoos, and our puppies grow to around 15 lbs as adults. All our adults are health tested and we can guarantee quality.  The puppies start at $2500-$4,000 each, and prices do vary.
Cavapoo Puppies from Windy Acres Puppy Adoption
F1b Cavapoo from Windy Acres Puppy Adoption
A Cavapoo puppy from Windy Acres Puppy Adoption

Why A Cavapoo

In addition to their absolutely stunning coat colors, the Cavapoo brings the brightness and trainability of the Poodle along with the equally stellar coat qualities for allergy sufferers and those who'd like to own a dog without having to live on Claritin!  We've had many clients over the years who are looking for a hypoallergenic, non-shed puppy.  Human allergy sufferers, whether they be allergic to dogs or not, need a hypoallergenic puppy, a Cavapoo is often a great solution to that doggie dilemma!

  • Smaller size, family friendly

  • Great with children

  • Make great second dogs if you already have a canine (or a cat!)

  • Exceptionally hypoallergenic and non-shed

*For your convenience we do our best keep our website as current and accurate as possible. After a puppy is reserved its is our goal to make the update within minutes with few exceptions outside holidays and unforeseen events. You can be confident the available puppies and their pictures shown are accurate and up to date.