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Puppy Toys

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Puppies love toys. They play with their toys for hours on end. They also love to chew on them. If you own a dog, chances are you already know this. However, if you are looking for ways to keep your puppy occupied while you are away, then puppy toys are the way to go.

Puppy toys are designed specifically for dogs. They are soft, cuddly, and safe. They are also small enough for your dog to hold onto and play with. Some of these toys even have squeakers inside, making them extra fun for your dog.

If you want to buy puppy toys for your dog, here are some of the best options out there:

1) Puppy Chew Toy - These puppy toys come in different sizes and shapes. You can get one that is big or small so it will fit into any size crate. The ones I like most are made from rubber because they don't break easily.

2) Kongs - This toy has been around since the 1920s! It was originally used by World War II soldiers as an aid to training their dogs how to retrieve dropped objects. Today, kongs are still being manufactured but now we use them for training purposes and to help us teach our dogs new tricks. There are many types of kong toys available including; tennis balls, peanut butter cups, cheese puffs, hotdogs, bones, etc.

3) Nylabone Dura-Chew Bone - This bone-shaped product comes in two flavors. Both contain real meat flavor which makes them irresistible to dogs. Your dog will be chewing nonstop for hours trying to eat all of its tasty contents.

4) Doggy Doo Balls - These little round doggy treats are great for when your dog needs something to play fetch with. Not only does he enjoy playing fetch, but he enjoys eating his treat afterward too.

5) Frisbees - My favorite thing about frisbees is that they're cheap. You can find them at almost every pet store. Plus, they last forever. Just throw it once and let your dog chase after it until it falls apart. Then toss another one. Keep doing this over and over again. Eventually, your dog will learn how to catch the frisbee without having to run back home.

6) Rubber Duckies - Another inexpensive option is duckies. Get several colors and make sure they are large enough for your dog to grab onto. When throwing the ducks, aim high above him so that he cannot reach down and pick up the ducks himself. He'll soon figure out that he needs to jump instead of reaching down.

7) Bully Sticks - Bullies sticks are perfect for teaching your dog to walk politely next to people. Put a bully stick between your legs and allow your dog to sniff it. Once he realizes that it isn't going anywhere, give him permission to take a bite. As soon as he starts walking beside you, stop giving him the bully stick. Let him try to continue walking alongside you until he gives up. After a few times, he should start getting the idea.

8) KONG Stuffers - These stuffing toys are very popular among dog owners.

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